How to take care of glass dining tables

Posted on June 26th, 2013 by by cooldude

glass dining tablesGlass ding tables are preferred for their classy appeal and glam quotient. The glass tables can gel well with both vintage and trendy décor but you have to ensure proper care and maintenance to ensure its durability.
First and foremost, you must always keep your glass table covered with a nice looking table cloth. Then, use coasters to keep anything heavy on table such as your fruit bowls or water jug. You will get stylish coasters to add up the zing factor.

You should also use trivets to place your hot pans on the table. Then, glass surfaces require timely cleaning to retain the shine and dazzle. You will find many good glass cleaners in the market- use sponge rather than fabric to clean up with glass cleaner. Use buffing wheel to get rid off the small scratches from the table surface. The big scratches will call for professional help.

Steps to keep your carpet clean

Posted on June 14th, 2013 by by cooldude

carpet maintenance, home careCarpets have a high risk of getting dirty quite easily. These carpets come at a very expensive price and thus caring for it is a must. The dirt and stains from the carpet can easily be removed if you follow certain steps for caring about the carpet. Here are some steps that can help you in protecting your carpet well.
• Make sure that you brush your carpet weekly. This will ensure that the dust is removed way regularly keeping the fibers in a good condition.
• If you see a stain on your carpet is fast to wipe it of using a wet cloth. Do not allow the stain to stay on the carpet.
• Wash the carpet after regular intervals. A wash is required to ensure that the carpet remains fresh.
• Use the special carpet conditioner to make it softer and healthier.
So make sure that you maintain your carpet and keep it in a good condition.

How to care for your white sofa?

Posted on June 7th, 2013 by by cooldude

furniture care, home careYour white sofa is surely the pride of your home and hence you should be careful about its maintenance to ensure the vibrant white appeal forever. The write up below discusses some necessary tips on how to care for your white sofa.
First of all, you must always keep your white sofa covered all the time to keep away the loose dust and dirt. Make sure to vacuum the sofa weekly sucking away the dust in between the sofa cushions. It’s suggested not to drink or eat on your white sofa.

In case you have unmindfully spilled your drink or food on your sofa, you have to remove the spill immediately to ensure no stubborn stain on the white sofa. Place kitchen papers in layers to remove the stain marks from the sofa fabric. Never wipe or rub or rub the spillage vigorously as it would only spread the stain further.

Tips for bathroom flooring

Posted on May 31st, 2013 by by cooldude

bathroom flooring, bathroomWhen you are planning your bathroom flooring, you have to be extra careful. You have to pay more attention to the functionality than the beauty. When considering the functionality factors, you have to ensure that the flooring is not slippery; it is anti skid, water and moisture resistant. Keeping these things in mind you can consider the material for flooring. Then you can go ahead with the color and design selection.

One of the strongly advised materials is ceramic. It is an attractive and affordable option available in huge variety of colors and textures. You can also consider vinyl for your bathroom flooring. It has the same properties of ceramic but needs to be sealed properly on the sides. Never select carpeting or marble for the flooring. These materials are not waterproof. Moreover marble tends to be slippery and dangerous.

Various kinds of textures can be used for the flooring. But when it comes to flooring, light colors are advised to give a larger appearance to the bathroom.

Colors To Choose For Your Kitchen Tiles

Posted on May 7th, 2013 by by cooldude

Kitchen TilesWhen looking to remodel your kitchen consider the options of installing tiles on the walls. This is a very trendy and clean way to decorate your kitchen and give it that sleek modern robust finish. The kitchen tiles can be decided by a number of factors, first being the cost and your budget. Make sure not to overshoot your budget for tiles as the money might be handy elsewhere along the remodeling process. The tiles need to be proportionate with the space on the walls and look appropriate for the kitchen.

A small kitchen with enormous tiles on the wall or a large kitchen with small tiles on the wall is some things to avoid. Make sure that the kitchen tile paint is in accordance with the rest of the contents of the kitchen as well as the counter top. The patterns on the tiles should not be too intricate and should reflect the simplicity of such a complex place.


Trendy German Style Bedrooms

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bedroom decor, bedroomTrendy German style bedrooms are pretty costly as when dealing with German houses you talk about opulence. The rooms are pretty spacious with costly furnishings. The furniture acquainted with German bedrooms are mostly related to French bedrooms, the furniture is classic in its approach with antique patterns on them. These are also furnished in dark shades that give that deep and rich feel to the texture of wood.

Most of the mattresses ad style of fabric is also French with large tapestries and drapes to mostly make up the bedroom fabric. The bedroom is simple yet deep and comfortable. It has an immense calming effect and cozy feel to it. Germans are known for their craftsmanship and hence when replicating the style the furniture needs to be pretty accurate and stable.

Decorate your living room with potted plants

Posted on April 25th, 2013 by by cooldude

Living Room decor, home decorUsing various potted plants for the decoration purpose in your home has become the latest trend. Depending on your taste and your room’s interior you can choose from the various types of indoor plants that are available. Many people keep indoor plants in pots of various sizes and some even keep the plants in transparent designer bottles or glasses.

However if you are thinking of keeping some big indoor plant, you can go for the designer ceramic pot or the brass pot. Keeping the big indoor plants having various textured and colored leaves in a corner of the room can really add an aesthetic sense to the beauty of your room.

You can even keep some beautiful flower plants by the window side or at such a place where there is enough slight and air since the flower plants require these things for healthy growth. Maintenance of most indoor plants is not very difficult. You can visit any of the nearest nursery or home décor shop to look for various indoor plants and designer pots to keep in your house.

Perks Of Having A Jacuzzi In The House

Posted on April 19th, 2013 by by cooldude

Jacuzzi In The HouseIt is always great to have a decorative, yet functional bathroom. A morning shower is must for a refreshing start to the day.  Similarly at the end of the day, if you can get a warm Jacuzzi bath in the comfort of your house, it will be the best way to end a hardworking day! Nowadays, many modern amenities homes are adding a Jacuzzi in their bathrooms for that luxurious and relaxing appeal. With the Jacuzzi in your house, you can enjoy a bath like that in a spa or resort anytime.

In order to be able to have a Jacuzzi in your house, there are some things that you should ensure. There should be enough privacy. The bathroom should be large enough for Jacuzzi installation and circulation in the bathroom for other purposes like dressing. With these things set you can easily create a special atmosphere with the simple installment of Jacuzzi in your house

Roof Top Lawn Designs

Posted on April 13th, 2013 by by cooldude

Roof Top Lawn, Terrace decorAs the places are getting filled with concrete buildings there is no space left for gardens to be built. The new destination for gardens is your terrace. A roof top lawn is gaining a lot of popularity. This gives you a good place to bring natures warmth close to you. A roof top garden not only helps you make the terrace a better looking place but it also can become a good place to relax during a summer evening.

There are many different designs that can be used to make your roof top lawn look good. First is using artificial grass on our terrace. This will cover your concrete terrace ad make it a soft place to walk on. You can also plat trees on the roof which will make your terrace a cool place. Use of solar lights along the boundaries gives the lawn a real look. Hanging flower pots from the sheds is also a good idea that can be used while designing the roof top lawn. Design your roof top lawn and make your terrace a beautiful place to relax.

Spiral Stairs are effortlessly Chic & Classy

Posted on March 22nd, 2013 by by cooldude

Spiral Stairs, stairsIf you want to add an extra stylish component to your home, then installing a classy spiral stairs can be a great option. Spiral stairs reflect class, sophistication and elegance as they were the trademark of castles of medieval time. Today you will get a variety of chic spiral stairs that come in different shapes and sizes to suit varied home environments.

Apart from being stylish, spiral stairs save a lot of space. Hence it makes the room look less congested and is also perfect for small homes with limited available space. These stairs can transform a simple typical home into a stylish one with a touch o romance and class. If you want to install the spiral stairs outdoors, you can use it to reach fire escapes or catwalks.

Walking on spiral stairs might be risky especially while come down. But as the structure is spiral there is less chance of falling to the ground and getting hurt. The structure will automatically break the course of fall. Weigh all the aspects and then choose spiral stairs for your home.